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What is a PICOT question, and how does it work?

It is possible to construct answerable, researchable questions using the PICOT question format since it is a consistent “formula.” It is considerably easier to gather and evaluate evidence if you have written a strong thesis statement.

P: Population/patient – age, gender, ethnicity, and persons suffering from a certain disorder are all factors to consider.

I: Intervention/indicator (variable of interest) – exposure to a disease or to a risk factor; 2. risk behavior; 3. prognosis factor

C: Comparison/control: The term “placebo” or “business as usual” refers to the lack of sickness or a risk factor as well as the presence of Prognostic Factor B in the study.

O: Event/Outcome – the likelihood of disease, the accuracy of a diagnosis, and the frequency with which an unpleasant outcome occurs.

T: Time – the amount of time it takes for an intervention to produce an effect, or the amount of time participants are observed.

Take note that not every question will contain an intervention component (such as in a meaning inquiry) or a time component (such as when it is implied in another part of the question).

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Finally, here are some PICOT questions to get you started:

  1. The PICOT question is as follows:

Population: Bariatric teenagers who are contemplating or have undergone gastric bypass surgery are the target audience.

Intervention: A significant part of the multidisciplinary team in the perioperative care of a bariatric adolescent patient is the nurse’s role in this intervention.

Comparison: In contrast, the nurse’s function as a secondary member of the multidisciplinary team, who has no specialized training and is only involved in the perioperative care of the bariatric adolescent patient, is described below:

Outcome: In conclusion, when the nurse participates as the main member of a multidisciplinary team approach, the bariatric adolescent patient receives greater continuity of care than when the nurse does not.

Time required: perioperatively and for 6 weeks following surgery.

PICOT Question: When the nurse is a primary member of the multidisciplinary team rather than a secondary member, does the bariatric adolescent patient undergoing gastric bypass have better continuity of care perioperatively and postoperatively compared to when the nurse is a secondary member whose only role is to provide perioperative care and has no specialized training?

  1. An intervention PICOT question, such as the following, for example:

How successful is PCA pain medication (the intervention of interest) compared to prn IM pain medication (the comparison intervention) in controlling post-operative pain (the outcome) in adult patients with total hip replacements (the patient population) during the perioperative and recovery period? Please keep in mind that the IM pain medicine would be referred to as the control group. An unethical study design would be to use a control group that did not receive any pain medication. The control group is frequently referred to as the “business as usual!” group, which means they receive the existing standard of treatment.

  1. Therapy PICOT Question, using a non-intervention as an illustration:

Is there a difference in the length of recovery (O) between patients who get complete hip replacement (P) and those who do not (C) within the first six weeks of recovery (T)?

  1. The PICOT Question on Etiology:

Is there a greater risk of obesity (O) in children (P) who have obese adoptive parents (I) as compared to children (P) who do not have fat adoptive parents (C) between the ages of five and eighteen (T)?

  1. Diagnostic PICOT Question: What is a PICOT?

PKU testing done on two-week-old newborns (P) is more reliable in diagnosing inborn errors of metabolism (O) as compared to PKU testing done on infants at 24 hours of age (C), according to this study. In this case, time is implied to be two weeks and twenty-four hours old.

  1. PICOT Question on Preventive Measures:

What are the variations in the presence and types of organisms (O) discovered on natural polished nails and nail beds (I) and artificial nails (C) in OR nurses performing a five-minute scrub (P) at the time of operation (T)?

  1. PICOT question on prognosis and prediction:

Is telemonitoring blood pressure (I) in urban African Americans with hypertension (P) associated with better blood pressure management (O) within six months after commencement of medication (T) effective?

  1. PICOT Question with Meaning:

When it comes to reporting their blood sugar levels (O) to their healthcare providers throughout pregnancy and the first six weeks after giving birth (T), how do pregnant women (P) who have just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (I) feel?

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